Use When

  • You want to emphasize capabilities not used in recent work experience.
  • You are changing careers.
  • You are searching for your first job.
  • You are re-entering the job market after an absence.
  • Career growth in the past has not been good.
  • You have had a variety of different jobs.
  • Much of your work has been temporary, freelance, or consulting.
  • You want to avoid repetitious job descriptions.

Do Not Use When

  • You want to show frequent promotions.
  • You are going into a highly traditional field.
  • You performed a limited number of functions.
  • Your most recent employers are impressive.


Following is a sample of the elements of a functional resume:



Street Address, City, State, Zip Code
Phone Number (Include Area Code), E-mail or Fax Number


State the skills/keywords as they pertain to the job for which you are applying.


Include all skills and experiences related to the job you are seeking. These can come from work experience, volunteer activities, hobbies, school, or other areas of your life. With your job objective in mind, list your qualifications in order of their relevance to your objective, putting the skills that best support your objective first.


Job Title, Company Name, City, State (Dates) List all jobs, in reverse chronological order, but omit any job descriptions.


Diploma/Certificate/GED/College Degree, Name of School, City, State. Include anything related to job objective, including training seminars, vo-tech school, internships, etc.


List branch and dates. May list specialty, skills, duty station, rank, and discharge.


(Optional) Use only when supporting the job objective.


(Optional) Use only when supporting the job objective. Can include memberships, travel, community activities, hobbies, etc. 

 View the following samples of functional resumes: