(Send out with each resume being sent, keeping it to 350 words or less.*)

Jane Doe
947 Cherry Street
Middleville, Ohio 01234


Mr. Alfred Newman, President
Alnew Consolidated Stores, Inc.
1 Newman Place
New City, OK 03033

Dear Mr. Newman: (If you do not have a name use Dear Human Resource Manager or Dear Personnel Manager)

I have the experience you are requiring for your Customer Service position as described in the Sunday, May 4, 2004, edition of the New City Courier. My ability to remain calm in crisis, handle multiple functions in a fast-paced environment, and chart customer progress using advanced functions of Excel enable me to make a significant contribution to your organization. (In the first paragraph you will want to indicate how you heard about the job. If you were referred by someone…name drop here [i.e. Mr. John Smith in your Marketing Division suggested I contact you]. You will also want to catch their attention to drive their interest to read your resume. To do that you will need to indicate some top qualities about yourself that would be pertinent to being successful at their company.)

Your company’s innovative marketing techniques, as well as your enlightened policy in promoting and selling environmentally-sound merchandise nationwide is well known. My qualifications can help you meet your goals in promoting and selling your new product line with my experience in: (You want to show off any research you have done on the company and indicate it in paragraph form then indicate how your experience or personal attributes would be an asset to their organization. You can bullet your characteristics or write them in sentence form.)

• Cross-selling and upgrading customer products
• Hands-on knowledge of all aspects of working with sales representatives
• Proven track record of exceeding sales goals
• Extensive knowledge of your product line

The opportunity to meet would be mutually beneficial. Therefore, I will call you within one week to arrange a convenient meeting time. (If you indicate you will call, you then need to follow up. This aggressive approach can only be used if you know the name of the person to whom you will call, and are addressing the cover letter to that person.)


(Handwritten signature here)

Sarina Savan (Typed signature here)


(* Cover letter sample is from Killer Cover Letters by Jeannie Kim and Selling You Starts with your Cover Letter from Employment Review on line.)