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Business and Professional Services includes all of the services a company needs to operate and sustain business.  They are targeted towards the business world enabling more efficient operations and the ability of companies to better serve their stakeholders and meet organizational goals.  Industry involves a range of services and skill levels, from marketing consultants and engineering firms to logistics management.

● Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services including consultants of those services
● Specialized Design Services 
● Architecture, Accounting, Legal, and Advertising Services
● Data and Information Processing, Disaster Recovery
Information Technology (IT)
● Software publishers, Internet & Broadcasting, Telecommunications

Financial Service deals specifically with Finance, Banking, Credit, and Insurance specializations. These are services provided to businesses and consumers, and a high level of skill and specialization are generally required by personnel. The included services allow clients to benefit with financial stability, security,coverage, or opportunities to change the value of assets.

● Securities, Commodity Contracts, and other Financial Investments
● Monetary Authorities, Banks
● Funds, Trusts, and Financial Vehicles
● Insurance Carriers
● Data and customer service centers

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