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Diversified Manufacturing and Services

Diversified Manufacturing and Services includes nearly all durable goods manufacturing industries and a number of non-durable goods industries. Major technological advances have changed the nature of manufacturing, increasing the demand for highly-skilled workers. Most employers in these industries must be flexible in their production processes to take full advantage of the rapid and constant technological changes. The viability of businesses in this cluster depends on a skilled and competitive workforce. 

● Chemicals and Plastics
● Electronics, Communication Equipment
● Medical Equipment/Technology and Devices
● Metals/Metal Fabrication, Non-Metallic Products
● Specialty Printing and Packaging Design and Manufacturing
● Bio-medical, Pharmaceuticals
● Vehicle and Vehicle Equipment
● Food Processing
● Supply Chain and Logistics Services

Click here to view the specific 2016 High Priority Occupations for the Lehigh Valley Workforce Development Area.

Healthcare and Life Sciences; Diversified Manufacturing and Services; Business, Financial, and Professional Services; and Energy Manufacturing and Services.