People are more likely to stay in a job that most closely matches their needs and requirements. If a job offer is made, consider the following issues in thinking about whether or not to accept the job.

  Examine self-assessment themes. What skills, abilities, work values, etc., did you want to use in your work? How will the job help you meet your occupational goals and objectives?

Think long term. Is this a growth job in a growth industry? What future directions does the company seem to be taking? Do these seem reasonably stable and promising?

Focus on daily tasks. What are the actual job duties? Will you be able to perform and enjoy these duties?

Consider interpersonal factors. How will you "fit in" within the organization? Was the supervisor someone you think you could work with? What about the co-workers you may have met?

Remember real life. Think about the impact that the job will have on the rest of your life. How will it affect childcare, the daily routine, your spouse/partner/children/parents, commuting, etc.?

Stay realistic. No job is perfect.  In considering the above issues, you must also keep in mind what is realistically possible to do at this point. Try to balance your wishes/desires with the realities of the situation.


Starting and keeping a new job can be a challenge. PA CareerLink® Lehigh Valley workforce professionals can assist you in obtaining a job and at the same time we also offer advice on retaining and advancing in a new job.

Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

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