• Exhibit positive traits such as enthusiasm, cooperativeness, and self-confidence.
  • Give top performance on the job.
  • Ask questions until you know what you are doing.
  • Watch the use of first names. If the boss wants you to use first names, you’ll be told.
  • Ask your boss how an assignment is to be handled – with regular progress reports or by contacting him only when you’re stumped.
  • Remember that people like other people who are like them.
  • Follow office etiquette.
  • In dress, take an employer’s lead. When in doubt, dress conservatively until you know what’s accepted.
  • Be receptive to co-workers who offer advice on work techniques, although this may mean changing old habits. Accept criticism gracefully.
  • Arrive to work on time.
  • Go slow in changing your work area. Watch how others organize their workspace and follow their example.
  • Lunch with different groups.
  • Introduce yourself to those you haven’t met.

Joyce Lain Kennedy and Dr. Darryl Laramore: Joyce Lain Kennedy’s Career Book, VGM Career Horizons, Lincolnwood, IL. 1988


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