So, you’ve found a job. Congratulations! Here are a few tips that will help you keep a job and protect you from future unemployment:

  • Do an excellent job in the position you have.
  • Set aside time each week to do things related to managing your career.
  • Stay current in your chosen field by spending time reading and studying.
  • Position yourself to accept more responsibilities.
  • Get to know your boss. It is your responsibility to manage your relationship.
  • Build on your boss’s strengths.
  • Find out your boss’s and the company’s goals.
  • Find out early what is expected of you.
  • Discover your boss’s tolerance of opposition and criticism.
  • Respect your boss’s time.
  • Learn when your boss is most approachable.
  • Use tact, assertiveness and common sense.
  • Overcome inhibitions and take initiative. Remain non-threatening.
  • Find out whether your boss takes risks.
  • Learn how receptive he or she is to new ideas.

Evaluate yourself. Do you:

  • solve problems before they reach your boss’s desk?
  • act independently?
  • take initiative?
  • handle crisises and make tough decisions?
  • have perspective and vision?
  • understand the long-range goals of the company?
  • help reach those goals?
  • know that good mistakes come from exploring new territory?
  • take on new responsibilities?
  • look to the needs of the company, not just yours?
  • maintain regular contact with your boss?

Now that you have successfully negotiated the job search process, do not let your skills go unused. Continue to research the job market in your chosen area and make contacts with potential employers. You will always have opportunities to consider.