The following is a sample of the elements of a Chronological Resume for Youth: 

Street Address, City, State, Zip Code
Phone Number (Include Area Code) E-mail or Fax Number


State the position or job title you are seeking.


Diploma/Certificate/GED/College Degree, Name of School, City, State.
Include anything related to job objective, including training seminars, vo-tech school, internships, etc.


Can also be called "Work Experience" or "Work History." Non-paid experience and/or volunteer activities can also be included as experience. Begin with the most recent position and work backwards. Job Title, Name of Employer, City, State (Dates)
Description of job duties, responsibilities and accomplishments, stating examples. List should be in order of importance in relation to the job objective.


(Optional) Use only when supporting the job objective.


(Optional) Use only when supporting the job objective. Can include memberships, travel, community activities, hobbies, etc. 

The following link is an example of a Youth Resume:  

Tamara Sue Sutterby