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(Send out after each interview, send a personal note to each person you interviewed with, a greeting card with handwritten message can be used)

Jane Doe
947 Cherry Street
Middleville, Ohio 01234


Mr. Alfred Newman, President
Alnew Consolidated Stores, Inc.
1 Newman Place
New City, OK 03033

Dear Mr. Newman:

Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you this afternoon. I can now see why Alnew Consolidated Stores, Inc. is the leader in the logistics industry with your proactive approaches to the marketplace. (Thank the person for the interview and indicate something you heard about the company to flatter the reader.)

My strong sales records of a high conversion of prospects to customers, along with my outstanding communication skills, are assets to your company’s forward movement. In addition, my experience in dealing with new products would fit right in with your marketing plan. (In this paragraph you want to share your assets in terms of how you will bring success to their company. You will need to share relevant information based on what the interviewer shared at the interview and how you can meet and exceed goals. You may use this paragraph to expand the interview, to share additional skills or experience that would be appropriate that were not shared in the interview or to turnaround information that was unsatisfactorily presented in the interview.)

As we agreed, I will contact you next Thursday to discuss my next step in our employment process. I am looking forward to employment at Alnew Consolidated Stores, Inc. (In the interview find out when they will be making a decision or what they next step is. Indicate here when you will follow up based on what you found out.)


(Handwritten signature here)

Sarina Savan (Typed signature here)