1. Poor manner and self-presentation ranging from being arrogant, to being timid, to poor handshake. Follow guidelines for verbal and nonverbal interaction and for listening.
2. Poor personal appearance and careless dress. Follow grooming directions.
3. Lack of enthusiasm and interest or no evidence of initiative. Attend to voice expression and nonverbal cues.
4. Lack of clear goals and ambition. Match skills to employer needs and your own future.
5. Poor speech habits or inability to express oneself. Practice answers so you use good grammar and improve your oral presentation.
6. Lack of preparation-failure to research company/inability to ask intelligent questions or make intelligent comments. Do research and prepare and practice the questions you will ask.
7. Failure to look at interviewer or demonstrate interest. Use nonverbal guidelines.
8. Unrealistic salary demands or more interest in salary than opportunity. Research and deal with realistic salary demands.
9. Inability to relate skills and knowledge to job or indefinite responses to questions. Prepare and practice answers to anticipated questions, emphasizing your transferable skills.
10. Negative comments about previous employers or exhibiting friction with various types of authority. Consider and practice answers about work experience and your relationship to supervisors and organizations.
11. Lack of interest in company/industry. Research company/industry.
12. Weak excuses or hedging about unfavorable information in background. Prepare in advance how you will deal with prior problems. Acknowledge mistakes, talk about learning from them, present a positive picture.
13. Unwillingness to "pay dues" by starting where needed and working up. Emphasize that you want the job and are willing to make a commitment.
14. Lack of knowledge in areas of specialization Practice answers to anticipated questions so that you can reveal your specialized knowledge.
15. Poor attitude as illustrated by lack of courtesy, cynicism, strong prejudices or low moral standards. Consider how to present yourself and consider answers before you speak.