PA CareerLink® Lehigh Valley sponsors regional job fairs that bring together over 150 of Lehigh Valley’s top employers looking for the right worker – you! These job fairs may be industry-specific such as healthcare or warehouse and distribution employers; region-specific such as the Lehigh Valley; or open, sponsored events available to all employers. Check our On-site Events and Job Fair Calendar for a complete listing.

Make the most of the Job Fair:

  • Dress in "interview" clothes
  • Bring multiple copies of your resume
  • Bring two black pens for completing applications
  • Come alone. Don’t bring family or friends.

Remember that employers will form a first impression based on how you behave at the Job Fair. A positive first impression will encourage the employer to set aside your resume for an interview. If your first impression is negative, the employer will put your resume in the trash before even leaving the Job Fair. Use your best interview skills. You are selling yourself to an employer. Be prepared to make a 30-second speech about yourself that will encourage the employer to bring you in for a longer interview.

Research companies before the Job Fair. When you speak to the company representative, share some information about the company that demonstrates you have done some research and feel the company would be a good match for your skills. You should never say that the company would be a good fit because "it pays well and has a good benefits package." Practice how you will approach employers and what you will say. Use positive body language and good interpersonal skills to make sure the impression you make on an employer is a positive one.

Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

Equal Opportunity Employer/Program