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Equipto has been a leader in the material handling and storage industry since 1907. A broad range of products, sales engineering support, outstanding customer service, installation services and Made in the USA keep clients coming back. We have a dedicated set of district sales managers located throughout the United States to help design and specify the storage solution for your problem.

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We're looking for employees who are or have...
- Hard-workers
- Driven
- Want to grow with us

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Shop Manager

Oversees all aspects of the cell from order picking to completion of the project. Communicates with supervisor daily to prioritize orders. Communicate with other departments to ensure all work orders get shipped, and communicate with the purchasing department to ensure all materials needed are acquired. Ensure quality parts are being made at all times.

Blue arrow showing progression from Department Supervisor Department Supervisor

Knows all processes of the cell. Dictates what orders need to be picked, and what orders need to be prioritized. Can communicate with lead to dictate to them what needs to get done. Oversees the quality of the cell, ensuring that all materials are made with the best quality. Ensuring everyone completes tasks on time and the right way. Ensure safety is met by all employees.

Blue arrow showing progression from Lead Cell Associate Lead Cell Associate

Communicating with the supervisor on a daily basis, to ensure understanding of what needs to get done, what orders are the priority. Have all aspects of Associate I-III. Being able to work independently while also delegating tasks to others. Make sure production numbers are met. Keeping others informed of tasks they need to complete, while constantly communicating with subordinates.

Blue arrow showing progression from Associate III Associate III

Understand most, if not all aspects of the machine shop, i.e. setting up own machines for production, understanding other aspects of other jobs, being able to work independently. Understanding the order picking process, and being able to prioritize orders. Working in a timely manner, while still ensuring good quality of the product.

Blue arrow showing progression from Associate II Associate II

Gain a broader knowledge of all the working parts in the warehouse. Show the initiative to be able to work independently, and not need to be constantly watched by the supervisor. Learn part of or the whole process of setting up machines for the daily work. Follow the standard operating procedure for all processes. Communicate with supervisor on all jobs.

Blue arrow showing progression from Entry Level Associate Entry Level Associate

The new team member will also enjoy an atmosphere that encourages safety, provides opportunities for continued learning, and believes in promotion from within. Carefully load unfinished material/parts. Perform job-related duties as delegated by your supervisor. Take the initiative to learn new tasks.