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1709 Butler Street
Easton, PA 18049

(610) 438-1994

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Business Description

Our first location was founded on April 30, 2016 in Easton, Pennsylvania by Fernando Cardenas Jr. Now we have opened doors in Emmaus, Pennsylvania on March 2, 2019! Owned & operated by young, talented, and respectful barbers with a clear vision to give you an amazing experience. We offer superb, skillful grooming results for both men and women. Offering services to any hair texture, any length, any age, facials, designs, color, discounts, complimentary beer, hair products, merchandise and much more! Lifestyle wants to show you it’s more than a haircut, it’s a LIFESTYLE!

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Needed

We’re looking for employees who are Motivated, Professional, and Passionate

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Manager Barber

After reaching all the ranks and earning the respect, you then will become
the Head Barber with the highest pay rate and more responsibility as well
as more vacation time and extra perks as the second-in-command with a
potential chance of becoming a future owner. Must have Manager Barbers
License: may receive this by going to barber school or shadowing a licensed manager in one of our barbershops.

Blue arrow showing progression from Master Barber Master Barber

When we see that you have reached a high demand from clientele and
overall are a premium barber from mastering the skill of cutting hair and
carrying yourself as a professional, you then will be promoted to this
higher pay rate and the highest price point. Must be in high demand with
outstanding professionalism.

Blue arrow showing progression from Senior Barber Senior Barber

Must have completed 1,250 hours in a span of minimum 9 months and
receive your certified Pennsylvania Barber License. Will receive a pay
increase and service add-ons.

Blue arrow showing progression from Apprentice Apprentice

May begin with little to no experience. Will learn the art of the trade from
hands on experience and how to carry self as a professional while learning
hygiene and safety. Must have GED or High School diploma. 18 years of age or older. Motivated, hungry attitude.