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Business Description

Our mission is to effectively maintain and grow an organization that delivers extremely high quality results while maintaining strong customer relationships, provides a fulfilling work experience for all staff and continually engages in meaningful community involvement. Our vision is to enable organizations to run at peak efficiency through effective information and materials management.

We seek to provide customers with exceptional work that is beyond their expectations. We provide an informal yet professional work environment that fosters excellence. We do everything possible to make customers and employees successful. We strive each day to show everyone that they are important and valued. We support the environment and communities in which we live and work.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Needed

We’re looking for employees who are or have...
- Ability to focus
- Excellent attention to detail
- Thorough and consistent
- Ability to make fast, accurate decisions
- Good basic computer and typing skills

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Team Leader

Team leaders work with internal staff and customers to create project specifications, manage scheduling and production, motivate others, and monitor overall quality control.
Critical Skills: Interpersonal and organizational skills and the ability to juggle and prioritize competing demands

Blue arrow showing progression from Image & Data Technician Image & Data Technician

All of the images and data we create needs to be organized and formatted for return to the customer. This position requires a wide range of computer skills and advanced problem solving.
Critical Skills: Extensive computer skills, attention to detail, problem solving, and ability to perform a wide variety of duties well

Blue arrow showing progression from Quality Control Technician Quality Control Technician

Quality Control Technicians review the work of others to confirm that it meets internal and customer quality standards. They work with other staff to implement innovative ideas that will improve quality and efficiency. Critical Skills: Innovation, problem solving and interpersonal skills

Blue arrow showing progression from Document Scanning Technician Document Scanning Technician

Scanning Technicians utilize the newest technology in high volume, high quality scanning. They capture the information from regular files, frail historic books, engineering drawings and microfilm. They must be aware of the many challenges that different documents present and be able to make quick adjustments to compensate for them.
Critical Skills: Navigation of Microsoft Windows and custom software applications and the ability to make fast, accurate decisions

Blue arrow showing progression from Document Preparation Technician Document Preparation Technician

Our customers have large volumes of valuable information that needs to be organized and captured for long term retrieval. Our Document Preparation Technicians are the first to handle this information and set the stage for the entire rest of the process.
Critical Skills: Ability to organize large volumes of information using detailed and involved instructions