South Whitehall Township

Career Pathway

4444 Walbert Avenue
Allentown, PA 18104


Business Description


The mission of South Whitehall Township is to deliver the best possible township services to both residential and business customers, while maintaining fiscal responsibility and proper management of township taxes. This will be accomplished through hiring the best employees, proactively planning and managing township services, and controlling costs. The South Whitehall Township management team and employees are committed to meeting this mission and continuing to grow as a first class township. In order to meet the mission and goals of the township all employees will demonstrate the following values and commitment to the job.

Respect: Always demonstrate respectful communication and interactions with residents, businesses, and all township employees.

Accountability: Each individual takes accountability for their actions, job responsibilities, and overall success of the township operation.

Integrity: Each individual demonstrates a high-level of integrity in communicating, interacting and providing services to the community.

Honesty: Each individual communicates and interacts with honest intentions.

Trust: Each individual believes in the positive intentions of their colleagues and strives to build trusting relationships that make for a better work environment.

Customer Satisfaction: Each individual will strive to provide the highest level of customer service to residents and businesses of the township.

Innovation: Each individual will openly share ideas and suggestions for improving township services, saving tax dollars, or improving a situation that will result in a positive outcome for the township.

Director of Finance

This role is responsible for the complete oversight of the Finance department. The Finance Manager is a direct report to this role. Tis role is responsible for budget development , financial reporting and any financial projects such as bond issuance and special financing. Bachelor’s degree is required along with strong analytical, leadership and communication skills.

Starting salary is $85,000

Blue arrow showing progression from Finance Manager Finance Manager

This position is responsible for the oversight of the finance staff and the distribution of financial tasks to the appropriate staff. This position also assists with finance- based computer projects and is the key point of contact for the financial software set-up. A Bachelor’s degree in business or finance/accounting is required as well as strong analytical skills and leadership experience.

Starting Salary would be $70,000 per year

Blue arrow showing progression from Finance/Utility Analyst Finance/Utility Analyst

This position provides more analytical thought and skills to financials and on the utility side provides more in-depth investigation of customer accounts and or commercial business’. High school diploma or equivalent is required along with a minimum of 5 years of experience in accounting and office environment.

Starting rate would be $21.50

Blue arrow showing progression from Finance Clerk Finance Clerk

This role is responsible for the daily transactional activities in the finance department. Such roles may include A/R, A/P, General Billing. High School diploma or equivalent are necessary as well as experience in bookkeeping and/or accounting and strong customer service skills.

Starting Salary would be $20.00.

Blue arrow showing progression from Cashier Cashier

The cashier role is responsible for processing payments both in-person and by mail. The role requires basic accounting knowledge, computer skills and strong customer service skills. High School Diploma or equivalent.

Starting salary range $18.00

Blue arrow showing progression from Receptionist Receptionist

The Receptionist role is the first line of customer service for guests and visitors/callers to the Township. The receptionist must be knowledgeable in services provided within the Township and the appropriate resources to forward calls and questions. The position requires strong customer service skills and a high school diploma or equivalent.

Starting salary range is $17.50/per hour