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Business Description

The Office of Development, Planning, & Zoning is charged with enforcing Township planning and development, building and property code enforcement, and zoning use approval and enforcement in accordance with the Township ordinances, Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code and all other applicable legislation and regulations.

The Planning Division of the Bureau of Planning, Zoning and Development conducts all activities that relate to land development and subdivision in the Township. This division coordinates all activities of the Planning Commission and works closely with all other Boards and Bureaus to implement these regulations.

The Codes division of the Bureau of Planning, Zoning and Development enforces all regulations contained in the Codified Ordinances of the Township not classified as zoning or police matters that deal with property maintenance. For example, the township regulates the height of uncultivated weeds (15"), where and how you may store inoperable vehicles, dumping or depositing of any type of garbage or debris, growth into rights of way, as well as many others.

The Zoning Division of the Bureau of Planning, Zoning and Development deals with all things "Zoning" in the Township. Contrary to popular perception, Zoning does NOT regulate the height of weeds, the parking of cars, animals, litter and debris or property maintenance. Zoning is the regulation of all land use activities in the Township, including new construction as well as alteration or addition of existing uses, including commercial as well as residential, and developed or undeveloped property. All zoning is guided by the Whitehall Township Zoning Ordinance, (Chapter 27 of the Whitehall Township Codified Ordinances).

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Development Chief

Performs a variety of supervisory, administrative, technical, and
professional work in the current and long range planning programs of the
township related to the development and implementation of land use and
related municipal plans and policies. Exercises supervision over all
department/division staff, either directly or through subordinate

Blue arrow showing progression from Zoning Officer Zoning Officer

Enforces the Zoning Ordinance and other related ordinances of the
Township to preserve the orderly growth within the Township with to
protect the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens. Performs work under
the direction of the Bureau Chief with considerable latitude. Position relies
on advanced level experience and exercises independent judgment to
determine the best approach by using and interpreting policies and

Blue arrow showing progression from Engineering Liaison Engineering Liaison

Performs routine and complex technical drafting work for planning,
community development, environmental, or related programs and projects.
Requires technical or college training in drafting, Computer-Aided-Design
(CAD), cartography, urban design or a closely related field.

Blue arrow showing progression from Township Surveyor Township Surveyor

Performs a variety of duties in assisting the Parks and Recreation and
Public Works departments in land surveying and civil engineering from the
initial field survey work, office design using SurvCADD that runs on
AutoCAD 2000, to the construction stakeout and inspection for all types of
municipal engineering projects.

Blue arrow showing progression from Codes Inspector Codes Inspector

Performs a variety of routine and complex technical work in property
maintenance/codes inspection field to insure that the Pennsylvania
Uniform Construction Code, Whitehall Township Ordinances, Property
Maintenance Codes and other related codes and standards are met.

Blue arrow showing progression from Development & Permit Clerks Development & Permit Clerks

Performs a variety of routine and complex clerical, secretarial,
bookkeeping, and administrative work such as typing, filing, answering
telephones, and providing clerical support to the development staff, and
assisting in the administration of the standard operating procedures of the