• Close to home and a world away.

    When you step onto campus, you’ll immediately be welcomed by a close-knit community where you have access to everything you need. Here, the sky is the limit when it comes to opportunities.  You can do anything from discovering an exoplanet to touring with our jazz ensemble!

  • A world-class education at an affordable cost.

    Students are taught by top-notch faculty who are the experts in their fields. All of that expertise comes at a cost you can manage – we awarded $4 million in scholarships last year, and 80% of our students receive financial aid.

  • A campus community that wants you to succeed.

    Gain knowledge and preparation for the world after graduation through small classes, challenging academic coursework, and experiential learning. Classmates will become your biggest champions, and professors mentor you and push you to do your best. KU also offers 200 + clubs and organizations!

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