• Pre-Apprenticeships

    If you need to learn some additional skills before qualifying for a registered apprenticeship program, a pre-apprenticeship program might be for you! They provide foundational skills that employers are looking for, and are linked to existing Registered Apprenticeship programs.

  • What’s So Cool About Apprenticeships?

    Apprenticeships are innovative training programs that allow employers to develop and prepare their future workforce while providing individuals with a learn-while-you-earn approach to career development. Scan to learn more!

  • Apprenticeship Spotlight

    The Industrial Training and Education Consortium (iTEC) of the Lehigh Valley is a regional apprenticeship program established to provide industrial skills training and talent development to meet the needs of the Lehigh Valley’s growing manufacturing sector.

For more information on Apprenticeships and Pre-Apprenticeships:

Contact Bill Miner, PA Department of Labor and Industry, Apprenticeship and Training Office.

610-437-5627 ext. 194