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The key to strong, local workforce development lies in education, training, and social services which can align your hiring needs with the growth opportunities and higher wage potential that your workforce is seeking.

Thanks to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA), we have been able to bring together community colleges, primary and secondary schools, local agencies centered around career advancement and economic development, and local employers to teach our workforce employable skills, placing them in higher opportunity careers.

To further support this initiative, PA Careerlink® Lehigh Valley is looking to partner with local employers like you to develop career pathways so that employees can better understand long-term growth potential and career trajectory within your organization, and you can retain and grow your existing workforce.

What is a Career Pathway?

To put it simply, career pathways are visual representations of your company’s workforce ladder. Think of it as a mapping tool for your prospective and existing employee pool to learn how they can grow their careers and a tool for you to use to organize hiring needs and succession plans.

Who Uses Career Pathways?

  • Recent graduates
  • Adults looking for new career opportunities
  • Existing employees looking to grow their career
  • Guidance counselors helping students plan for their future
  • HR departments helping with employee goal setting
  • C-suite level leaders to create succession plans
  • You!

We’re looking for employers
in these industries:

Here’s How PA CareerLink® Lehigh Valley Can Help!

We’ve created a form to make it easy, and to help you determine what is important to your organization. Once you create your pathway or pathways, they will be searchable to both you and your prospective employee pool on the PA Careerlink® Lehigh Valley pool.

You can also reach out to at PA Careerlink® Lehigh Valley to learn more about our support services.

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