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The  Business and Industry Podcast series features conversations with Lehigh Valley business leaders, conducted by Youth Ambassador, Jenni Silfies. This podcast looks at ways of finding career opportunities in the Lehigh Valley, career pathways, and training. This particular episode is to inspire those who are interested in becoming their own boss one day. 

During this episode, Jenni interviews Rena Fimiano, an entrepreneur and owner/instructor at Easton Cycle, a spin class experience. Inspiration is the primary focus of this episode. Easton Cycle’s mission statement is “Ride your bike, live your life!”, and Fimiano is personally dedicated to inspiring and motivating people to reach their goals and make the most of their lives. She believes that, by setting a good example and being a source of positivity, she can help others to achieve their highest potential and find success. 

Fimiano provides valuable insight for students and aspiring entrepreneurs on how to become successful in the business world. Fimiano shares her insight and advice to students and aspiring entrepreneurs on how to become an entrepreneur, the essential skills needed for success, and how to create and run a successful business, like Easton Cycle. She also advises students to take advantage of their high school’s business courses and the clubs available to them to explore their interests and keep an open mind. 

Additionally, she goes over the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur, and how to handle them. As an entrepreneur, it is important to create a strategic business plan and to create strong marketing to get your name out there and build a strong customer base. She will also address how traditional career paths might help you embark on a professional journey to learn the skills you need to thrive in your own business endeavor. 

Get inspired to turn your passion into a product or service.  Fimiano’s advice is sure to be an invaluable resource for anyone looking to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. Tune in wherever you listen to podcasts and check out the full podcast episode on YouTube to learn about a successful entrepreneur in the Greater Lehigh Valley.